This is Bespin Global Cloud Technical Support Team.

We will provide you with the precautions for AWS case open.


You can find the IAM Role creation manual for AWS Support and how to request cloud technical support at the link below.


-> IAM Role Creation Manual for AWS Support

-> How to request Bespin Global Cloud Technical Support 



[Important announcement]

* You shall open the Tech inquiries Bespin Global Customer Center, not directly from AWS Support Center.

(You can proceed directly with the exception of Service limit increase. [How to Increase Service Quota])



[AWS Case open Precautions]


As a partner of AWS, Bespin Global will handle all customer technical inquiries first.


If it is difficult to process directly, our support center will open a case on AWS.


The information required to proceed with the AWS Case Open is as follows.

  • AWS Account ID
  • Issue start/finish time:
  • Region:
  • Resource ID:
  • Issue status(Is the issue still ongoing, or solved, or recurred?): 
  • Description of the situation:


*For Technical Support (Technical Support), the Basic Support Plan will not be able to open the case. 

In the event of issue or incident, the following support plans are recommended to identify and resolve issues in detail.


  • Development environment : Developer
  • Production environment : Business


For more information on AWS Support Plan, please refer to the AWS link below.




If you have any questions about this, please leave them on the Customer Support Portal.


Thank you.