This is Bespin Global Cloud Technical Support Team.


We will guide you on how to manage the quota for each service and how to increase and set the limits in the settings.


❗  Note: For Service Limit Increase Case, you can open the case directly from your account. Below is a description of how to open the case.


1. Use AWS Service Quotas to adjust service quotas.

: The maximum quota of resources per AWS account is set to ensure the availability of resources and to avoid mistakes in provisioning more resources than necessary.

Therefore, most AWS services can check and request most AWS quota increases using the AWS Service Quotas Console directly from your account.



Below is how to request a service quota increase using the Service Quotas console.


  • Connect to AWS Service Quotas.



             : You can access the Service Quotas console to check a list of service quotas and information on the dashboard.


              You can also view pending or recently resolved requests on the dashboard.


              Important: Most service quotas are specific to AWS Regions. You must choose an AWS Region that requires quota increases.



  • Select AWS AWS services.




           :  Select the service and select the quota you want to modify, and then request for an increase in quotas according to the instructions.


           You can only modify the "adjustable" service quota.


           For more information about service quota, please check the link below.

           --> AWS Service Quotas User Guide



  • Request a quota increase..




      : The quota you want to modify must be greater than the current quota, so please check the applied quota value and request it.






2. Service quota adjustment using Case Open.


: If you need to create a Use Case due to AWS review, you can open the Case in the AWS Support console to process it.




Below is how to request an increase in service quotas using Case Open.


  •  From the Support menu, select Support Center as shown in the image below.




      : On the Support Center screen, or on the Your support cases menu, click "Create case".



  • Select Service limit increase





  •  Fill out the following section in Case classification.
    • Select two items in Case details.



               1. Limit type





                  : Select the type of service you want to modify.



               2. Severity.




                     : You may need to enter a question for each Limit type. Enter it according to each question.




         ◾ In Request, create the following sections:




▪ In Region, select the AWS region to which the request applies.

▪ In Limit, select the type of quota increase you want to request.

▪ In New limit value, enter the quota you want to increase.




       ◾ In the Case Description, you can write the purpose of use, how to use, etc. related to the quota you want to modify so that Support Center can process your request.



       ◾ In Contact options, specify the following sections:





            ▪ You can choose which language you want to receive the case-related answers in the Preferred contact language.


            ▪ You can choose how to receive case-related answers from Contact methods.



        ◾ When you're done , simply select [Submit] to submit.





  • There is no charge for increased service quotas. You will only be charged if you start or use AWS resources or services.
  • If this is a use case that does not comply with AWS policy, you may not grant permission to the request.


  • Increasing quotas is not immediately acceptable and may take about two days to apply.


  • AWS does not recommend changing large amounts of quotas at once. In this case, you may need to explain your reasons through Case open.


  • Additionally, I would like to introduce solutions related to increasing EIP (Elastic IP) quotas, so please keep that in mind.

       ▶ How to get additional Elastic IPs.



Calling number of Bespin Global Customer Support Center : 0068223784122

  • It can be displayed as an international call. However, it is sent domestically, so you can receive it with confidence. 


Hands-on request service quota increase : https://aws.amazon.com/ko/getting-started/hands-on/request-service-quota-increase/

Thank you