This is Bespin Global Cloud Technical Support Team.


I would like to inform you about the service cancellation procedure and how to close an account 



1. Service cancellation 


  • Shut down resources (Customer) -> Forward termination link to Bespin(Customer) -> Terminate link (Bespin) -> Cancel AWS service(Customer)





2. How to close an account


  1. Log in to AWS Management Console with root user of the account.
  2. Select an account name from the search bar, and then select [My Account].
  3. Scroll down to the [Close Account] section.
  4. Read and understand the Account Termination Terms and Conditions..
  5. Select all check boxes, then select [Close Account].
  6. Select [Close Account] in the confirmation box.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email that your account has been successfully closed within a few minutes.



  • Note:

       To close an organization's master account, delete the organization first.






3. Account Closing Precautions


  • To close your account, you must log in to the AWS account root user, not the IAM account.
  • If your account is the management account of an organization, you must make sure that all member accounts are closed or removed from your organization. 

         For more information, see Removing a member account from your organization.

  • You can't create new AWS accounts using the email address that was associated with your account at the time of its closure.
  • For security reasons, AWS Support cannot close your account on your behalf.
  • Back up the resources or data you want to retain before you close your AWS account. (Refer to AWS Documentation )
  • Please check if you have an outstanding bill through OpsNow Billing.
  • If you purchased any subscriptions with ongoing payment commitments, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans, then you are charged for these subscriptions until the plan term ends even after you close your account.
  • Closing your account might not automatically terminate all your active resources. Before you close your account, it is recommended that you check for active resources, services, regions, agreements, etc., and close them.
  • In accordance with the privacy policy, all content remaining in the account will be permanently deleted after 90 days, and the AWS service that has not yet been terminated will be terminated.
  • After your AWS account is closed, your designated payment method is charged for any usage fees that were incurred before closure. If applicable, refunds are issued through the same payment method. 
  • If you reopen your closed AWS account within 90 days, you might be charged for any AWS services that aren't terminated before you closed the account.



* If you are providing service through a partner, the above account closing process may not proceed through the Organization feature. 

If you request to close your account through the Customer Support Portal, we will proceed with the closing process.




If you have any questions about this, please leave them on the Customer Support Portal.

Thank you.